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Sublime’s Elevated Labor Day Guide

By September 2, 2021No Comments

For some, Labor Day is a much-needed day off to enjoy each year.  For others, it is a busy workday full of sales and tons of customers.  No matter which category you fall into, you deserve to get a little extra elevated that Monday!  Here is the list of what we suggest for all your Labor Day cannabis needs.

1. Sublime Pina Colada Hard Candies
Labor Day Pina Colada Hard Candies
Photo by Morgan English.

Everyone loves a candy edible, and our Pina Colada hard candies are the best of the best.  Hard candies have a faster onset than other edibles because they are sublingual, which means the body absorbs the THC directly under the tongue.  This tropical-inspired flavor goes with all the poolside activities you have planned for the weekend.  Our 100mg bags of Pina Colada hard candies contain ten pieces, each with 10mg of THC.  They are also individually wrapped and perfect to take on the go.  Find them near you on Leafly, or head to The Giving Tree from 9/3/21 to 9/6/21 for a BOGO sale on all Sublime edibles.

2. Sublime Sweet and Savory Pretzels
Labor Day Sweet and Savory Pretzels
Photo by Morgan English.

Our Sweet and Savory Pretzels are the perfect savory edible option for Labor Day.  We coat sourdough pretzel bites in a flavorful glaze and then top them with our secret blend of herbs and spices.  Bring these to share at your Labor Day get-togethers to become everyone’s favorite person.  If you’re staying in or have to work, then this is your go-to snack for lounging on the couch and relaxing.  They are available in 100mg bags, and each pretzel contains about 5mg of THC.  Find them near you on Leafly!

3. Sublime Live Resin .5g Cartridges
Labor Day Live Resin Vape Cartridge
Photo by Kindness Photo Co.

If you’re looking for a more discrete option this Labor Day weekend, then our live resin cartridges are for you.  Each cartridge contains 500mg of high terpene, potent cannabis oil.  We have a variety of strains available, all small-batch crafted by our Arizona lab team.  Some of our current favorites include Grapefruit Juice, an uplifting hybrid testing at 89% THC, and Banana Sorbet, a tasty, euphoric hybrid testing at 69% THC.  Find them near you on Leafly, or head to any Nirvana Center location for a BOGO sale on Sunday, 9/5/21.  

4. Korova Saturday Morning Cookie
Labor Day Saturday Morning Cookie
Photo by Dom Gonzalez.

Like the name says, this cookie carries the vibe of a lazy Saturday morning spent watching cartoons.  It contains fruity rice cereal, 100mg of THC, and mini marshmallows for the full nostalgic effect.  Sleep in and then have this cookie for breakfast, or enjoy it when it’s time to recover from a long weekend of work or activities.  Find it near you on Leafly!


These are just a few of our suggestions, but all of our products will help you enjoy the weekend.  We have a ton of Arizona drops and discounts for the holiday, so make sure you check our list of weekly dealsLet us know what you choose to feel Sublime this Labor Day!

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